1. On the boardwalk of paradise
    The last rollerblader is made a mockery of
    To every tangible part of him
    From his piss stained snapback
    To the smell of his weed habit
    And as paradise begins to freeze over
    The wild things come to its shores,
    Walk the streets,
    Enter the homes
    Waves don’t crash, instead caught in repose
    And in the ice storm rolls
    Blanketing paradise with sheets of white
    The wild begin eating the small
    To draw their bodily warmth
    The wild expel the small
    Too weak to digest
    The tv crew hides with the last rollerblader of paradise
    In his home
    And they offer no apology


  2. Only upon waking do the pieces of your dream congeal to a critical unintelligible mass
    Who cares to know the strange mind


  3. I will dig away the top soil
    Until I get to the good stuff
    I will place it at your doorstep
    Until you grow tired of it
    I will clean it all up
    Until you are satisfied, then
    I will bid you farewell
    Until I find my shoes


  4. The birds have flown
    Peering down iron sights
    A double barrel shotgun
    Blue double breasted blazer
    Pockets brim with shot
    And, actually, it’s all quite
    Harmless really
    The birds perched idly in their nests
    Holding their breath
    For the moment to pass
    And for life to continue


  5. "The iron doesn’t lie."
    — Henry Rollins

  6. Take a shit
    In the dark


  7. And the cosmic mind drum beat comes pounding back whenever I hear the sound,
    “poverty and tatters”
    I hear it now and the first time
    Like the hummingbird
    The one the bastard showed us
    And it was new, and it was sheik,
    And I wanted to jump all over it
    Just like the bastard’s face
    So I did
    Cause he threw his shoe at me
    And as I stood, he gurgled strange obscenities, attempting to sap my confidence, and writhed defeated,
    But gave me no satisfaction
    When you laughed at him
    I could see my anger and lust in him
    Well up
    I the stronger, but he was still me
    And a blouse, the hummingbird, lay in tussled rags, weeping
    Next to him like an extension of his helplessness
    It was our hummingbird
    I stood there, my boots on his head,
    And I wondered.


  8. Fuck
    Lets do it
    Lets do it like the bikers do it


  9. I remember when I used to close my eyes I’d see outer space. Now I close my eyes I see a black popcorn ceiling, makes me nauseous


  10. …And then you were just sort of there


  11. Hello
    Excuse me
    And then
    High and low pressure systems
    Engage, regardless,
    the funnel cloud formed
    Now our cyclone spins
    Awaiting its time until, until
    We dissipate
    Until then
    We spin ceaselessly


  12. jayarrarr:

    It is not the critic who counts, or the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or when the doer of deeds could have done them better.

    The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who at the best…

    (Source: jayarrarr)


  13. Somedays it’s all wasted observation
    Look inward
    Find center
    See ego
    Observing, tracking
    Wrought full of self sabotage
    If only there was a remedy
    A journey inward would not
    Constrict or tighten
    Question this
    What are you thinking
    What the fuck are you thinking


  14. Zoomies
    Zoomies from the sun
    Zoomy zoom down
    Zoomies are so fun

  15. this music makes me…